Bill Cosby’s Accuser Andrea Constand Claims He Paralyzed Her

Bill Cosby’s Accuser Andrea Constand  Claims He Paralyzed Her

Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial jury deliberated this past Monday evening, and have yet to reach a verdict. The jury asked tobe able to review excerpts of a deposition the Bill Cosby gave in his 2005 civil suit with his accuser.

“You need to rest up,” Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill suggested the panel of five women & seven men rest up Tuesday morning the jury will return to continue all deliberations.

The sequestered jurors recieved very good closing arguments from both sides before the day ended in court.

Camille, Cosby’s wife who proves to be very loyal, along with his chief accuser, Andrea Constand, were in attendance inside the courtroom while Cosby’s sexual assault trial flanked forward towards a conclusion.
Defense attorney Brian McMonagle had this to say to Mrs. Cosby “Im sorry, ma’am,” while reviewing a 10 year old testimony that read her husband talked about “petting” with Constand.

“When you dance outside your marriage, you have to pay the band,” McMonagle said later, acknowledging Cosby’s infidelities. “And you danced, And she deserved better!”

79 year old Bill Cosby has been charged with drugging as well as molestation. The incident with 44 year old Constand, was said to happen at his Philadelphia suburban home in 2004.

Constand claims that she was “paralyzed” by pills he gave her; while Cosby claims he gave her Benadryl and that everything was consensual.


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