Ice Cube Will Address Bill Maher’s Use of the Word “Nigger” on ‘Real Time’ With Bill Maher

When Bill Maher used  that forever bad N-Word on Real Time last week during his interview with Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse, Ice Cube was definitely not too understaning of the hosts choice to use it so casually. 
Ice Cube had this to say in his recent interview  with Rolling Stone  “You’ll see me on there Friday, and I’ll say what I gotta say,”  ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ Friday.

The Artist/actor/movie maker went on to say
He knows that’s a bad word to a lot of people.  Now, the question is: Why did he think he could be that comfortable with saying that? What makes you think you can say that? Why did you think you could get away with that?”

“He wants to talk about ‘house (slaves) like they had it so much better?” the N.W.A. co-founder and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer continued. “It’s like, please. It wasn’t a cakewalk for a so-called ‘house (slaves),’ either, unless you like being raped. Sometimes, you gotta know when to shut up. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

Bill Maher, who was previously forced to apologize for when he used a racial slur during an interview with Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse. The sen made a suggestion that Maher come to Nebraska to “work in the fields,”  The response Maher gave was  “Work in the fields? Senator, I’m a house nigger.” The audience of “Real Time” on HBO emmediatly gasped in disbelief of the words that came from his mouth. A very widespread outrage followed emmediately. HBO showed they did not approve of the remark and announced that they would edit it from their future broadcasts.

Maher said in a statement “I regret the word I used in the banter of a live moment,”  The word was offensive, and I regret saying it and am very sorry.” However some dont exactly believe his stement  of correction. 
On August 22 of 2001, during a previous TV show Maher had, Maher made an arguement that anyone should be able to use the slur freely.
 Maher’s guests were Guy Aoki, Sarah Silverman & David Spade.  Guy was a representative of the Media Action Network for Asian Americans. Also present was actress and activist, Anne-Marie Johnson.  The discussion of anti-black racism stemed from a discussion between Aoki & Silverman



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