Durant Snags MVP But Is It Respected?

Durant Snags MVP But Is It Respected?

Kevin Durant is named NBA Finals MVP
Some may say deservingly so. Durant scored 38, 33, 31, 35 and 39 in the Finals.
Somewhere Russell Westbrook could very well be less sad than angry while being very motivated.
“There are a lot of superteams that haven’t worked,” Durant said. But we come together and we’re the champions now.”
It was very hard to tell if the Cleveland Cavaliers were the underdogs from the beginning of the series.

Curry had this to say: “It’s different just because of what happened last year to be honest. We went through, for lack of a better term, basketball hell, in that sense of just being so close to getting the job done and not realizing that goal and having to think about that for an entire year and compartmentalize and just try to keep the right perspective about this season and learn the lessons that we learned.”

This NBA finals, everyone on the Warriors team was healthy.  The best team won this season, no matter what the naysayers  murmur about Golden State stacking the deck by recruiting Kevin Durant in free agency last summer.
In a stacked team situation, it could possibly could have been any star player added to the Golden State Warriors roster saying “gimmie the ball” while stacking up the points to look like the team’s savior.  The question will always be what would have happened if Golden State had a full healthy roster in the 2016 NBA finals vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers. The world will never know at this point.  However the world will always wonder.  Draymond Green’s Ma-dukes added truth to the question 
“If we wind up winning this thing, then we have a champion. We won’t have any excuses, because no one is hurt, everyone is playing. Whoever wins this thing, there are no excuses. They won.”  Green’s mother, Mary Babers-Green, told USA TODAY Sports.
The fact of the matter is the Golden State Warriors won and they did it with Kevin Durant.  Most respect it while some will never do so.  Perhaps Draymond Green was correct when he said they didn’t need Kevin Durant during the regular season, only during the NBA Finals. Food 4 thought.

By: DaxTailor


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