Girls Love Fashion Nova!

Girls Love Fashion Nova!

If you’ve never heard of Fashion Nova please crawl from under that rock where you’ve been hiding and join the rest of world on Fashion Nova’s Instagram page (5.7 million followers and counting).

Who is Fashion Nova?

Fashion Nova is a popular online women’s clothing store based in California. The infamous brand is known for their trendy and sexy lines, and their forever growing fan base on social media who they call #NovaBabes. They are also known for their celebrity inspired styles. Huge celebrity names are frequently spotted wearing their in house manufactured denim – Nicki Minaj, Amber Rose, and Blac Chyna to name a few (see more on Fashion Bomb Daily). Fashion Nova has several retail stores in Southern California, but their real claim to fame began when they started posting looks on their Instagram page several years ago. According to an interview with Galore Magazine, Fashion Nova’s Instagram grows 10,000+ followers every day (OMG can you imagine)! The huge spike in growth is partly contributed to the large amount of influencers who tag the brand in their style photos every day, plus Fashion Nova is very active on social with their 200+ weekly new arrivals. They post on Instagram every 30 minutes and every follower, like, and comment doesn’t go unnoticed. Even when I tagged them on Instagram wearing their destroyed shorts they liked my post and commented (how cool is that). They are also known for reposting customer pics as well.

I Love Them Because…

I’m a #NovaBabe because Fashion Nova offers the cute styles us girls are craving at an affordable price without skimping on quality. And even though the prices are already beyond reasonable, there’s always several coupon codes floating around social media (just check your favorite “it girl” Instagram page). Plus, I love a brand who interacts with their audience – Fashion Nova has definitely figured out the keys to success!

My Fashion Nova Favs

Here’s a few of my favorite items on their Instagram page.

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